Master Robert Bombalier, now Dr. Robert Bombalier, has launched this website to help him connect with clients and serve them better. It will act as a platform to share all past, present and future events, and will enable clients to quickly get in touch with him to set up events for their school, company or organization. In addition, there will also be a calendar of all upcoming events.

Dr. Robert Bombalier is available to do a wide variety of events. He travels often and is open to sharing his knowledge & experience with those that want to learn, and to learn from them as well.

YouTube Video

Watch a small video of Master Bombalier giving a lecture on Chinese Medical Qigong.

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Dr. Robert Bombalier

22642 Lambert Street Suite 403
Lake Forest, CA  92630
(New Bigger Location)

(949) 855-0210


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YouTube Video

A series of clips from Dr. Bombalier's clinic at the Villari's Martial Arts Center in Wellington Florida

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