Black Belts from other systems

Soooo I got some calls today … I will post here to prevent future calls regarding these questions.
Yes, I am happy to teach Black Belts and all ranks from other systems or schools.
No, I do not teach business systems or business practices to any schools outside those that fly the Villari flag.
If desiring to learn martial arts material, I will evaluate you to see what level of physical comprehension you have and of course intellectual comprehension of your material.
So, just because you saw it on Youtube and did it 30 times in the air, does not mean you have competency of doing material on a body. There is certainly more I can say on this subject but I think the point it clear enough.
No, I will not teach material way out of rank, unless given permission.
Yes, I promise to not only teach, but coach and educate in order to make you a more well rounded martial artist.